NeuroKinetic Therapy ™

Restore function you didn’t know you were missing

Do you ever feel like your legs are really heavy when you run, or that no matter how many squats and glute bridges you do in the gym your glutes just never seem to work? The reason for this may be that something in your physical make-up has lost its way and forgotten how to ‘fire up’.

This treatment aims to restore function during movement. I often hear clients say “but I’m always doing crunches at the gym, how can I have a weak core?” In principle, yes you are building a strong core in isolation, but the issue comes when you start moving around. Unless you can break the pattern of what is causing you to have a weak core in the first place, then as soon as you start to walk around your core will shut off again.

Poor postural habits can lead to weak core muscles, amongst other things, meaning we then have to use other muscles to compensate for what isn’t working properly. It’s these compensation patterns which can often lead to pain and injury and may persist long term if not identified and corrected.

The possible side effects of under functioning core could lead to:

  • Knee pain
  • Hip flexor pain
  • ‘lazy glutes’

These are just a small number of things that I have seen in my clinic which have been related to the core functioning ‘below par’.

As well as postural habits, accidents or surgery can also cause the body to ‘rearrange’ its way of moving, so by taking a thorough medical history this helps me to identify any possible causes that might have thrown the body out of sync.

If you want to train for longer, and say goodbye to niggles that never seem to go away regardless of what you do or how much you stretch, then perhaps you could give NKT a try.

If you would like to find out more about whether NKT could help you, then please feel free to contact me on 07743 897874 for a confidential discussion, or submit your enquiry via the Contact Details page.

Josey Tranter
Hot Stones Massage