Combat Low Back Pain with Massage

How many times have you or someone you know gone to the doctor with low back pain only to be told to go home, rest and take some painkillers? While rest can certainly provide temporary relief, it does not solve the problem, and painkillers are simply masking the pain, not treating the pain. Fortunately there are some great GPs around now who realise that complementary therapies like massage can be so beneficial when it comes to these sorts of muscular complaints, and will readily suggest or refer their patients to a complementary practitioner if appropriate. Lower back pain is such a common condition and yet so many people put up with it for years, not realising there is actually something they can do about it.

There are many causes of lumbar pain, but one of the most common reasons why back pain evolves is poor posture. The muscles involved in making us stand up straight are ‘postural’ muscles, and therefore have a lot of work to do just to keep us sitting up and walking about without us toppling over! They are constantly in a state of contraction. (Unlike the bicep, which contracts when flexing the arm for example). This constant pressure on our postural muscles makes them susceptible to excessive tightness and painful trigger points.

At my practice in Woking, my clients come from all walks of life. Low back pain can affect everyone and anyone often without warning, and can become a chronic condition causing a lot of unnecessary suffering to those concerned if not treated. During a treatment for a client suffering with low back pain, I would ensure the main postural muscles of the back were worked on as well as the gluteals and the hip flexors, all of which could be overstretched or excessively tight if the pelvis and/or the spine are not properly aligned. One of the best ways to illustrate poor postural stance with regards low back pain is by thinking about how the posture of a pregnant woman changes during pregnancy. As the bump gets bigger and the weight at the front of her body increases, this causes an imbalance in her natural upright stance. Therefore the postural muscles of the back have to work harder to keep her upright because of the extra weight she is carrying at the front. If they didn’t she would probably fall over once reaching the second trimester! This counterbalance means that she tilts her pelvis forwards causing her lower back to arch. This forces her spine out of alignment and can commonly cause pain.

Massage, combined with focused stretching, can help to relax and lengthen shortened muscles that can commonly cause pain to the lower back, and it can help to redress the balance. It is so common, and I see this condition in my clients so frequently. Massage therapy wins the vote for me, as targeted techniques can attack the source of the pain, often ridding the need for painkillers.

If you would like to discuss your own situation with regards low back pain or any other condition then I would be happy to have a discussion over the phone to give you more details of how I could help you. Please contact me on 07743 897874 or go to the contact details page to send an enquiry through.

Josey Tranter
Hot Stones Massage